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Domestic Travelers with Cannabis Won’t be Arrested In Chicago Airports After Jan. 1

The winds of change are afoot in the Windy City, and that will soon mean less stress for pot smoking travelers to Chicago’s airports. Illinois is set to become the latest state to lift prohibition on recreational marijuana use. And when the new law takes effect on New Year’s Day, domestic travelers passing through Chicago […]

Flight Attendants Union Wants The FAA To Ban All E-Cigarettes From Airplanes

As the fervor surrounding the potentially deadly risks of consuming e-cigarettes and other vape products subsides somewhat, another e-cig scare is entering the spotlight. This time, however, the concern isn’t what people are inhaling, but the device itself. Cheap, poorly-made vape pens and e-cigs typically use cheap, poorly-made lithium-ion batteries. And those batteries have a […]