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Arizona Police Board Clears Cops to Use CBD Products

Now okay for Arizona cops. Tony Webster, CC 2.0 Arizona Police Board Clears Cops to Use CBD Products STEVEN HSIEH | JULY 8, 2019 | 7:30AM The rise of CBD products has sparked a new question in law enforcement circles: How should police departments treat aspiring cops who admit to using or test positive for CBD (cannabidiol), the active […]

Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Can Reduce Or Eliminate Epileptic Seizures In Kids

Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Can Reduce Or Eliminate Epileptic Seizures In Kids by Tyler Durden Sat, 07/06/2019 – 22:30 A small study conducted by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan adds to the growing body of evidence that cannabis can be used to successfully treat seizures in children, according to the CBC. A study funded […]

18 Made in USA CBD Beauty Products You Should Get To Know

18 Made in USA CBD Beauty Products You Should Get To Know Posted by Jill Homiak, editor | Jun 29, 2019 | I’m always looking for products that nourish my body inside and out. Have you heard of any CBD beauty products? We’re here to introduce you. If you’re looking for anti-aging skincare, beautyproducts infused with CBD are great because […]

Women In The C-Suite: Meet Three Ladies Running Big, Publicly Traded Cannabis Companies

Beth Stavola, Sara Gullickson & Jessica Billingsley (L-R). JAVIER HASSE Less than four years ago, high ranks in the cannabis industry were among the most female-friendly in the world, with women occupying 36 percent of C-Suite level positions – as per Marijuana Business Daily numbers for 2015. However, as time went by and the industry […]


BY KASHMIRA GANDER ON 6/23/19 AT 2:00 PM EDT As scientists work to stem the tide of antibiotic resistance, the authors of a study believe an ingredient in cannabis could one day form the basis of a new drug. Antibiotic, or antimicrobial, resistance is where bugs such as bacteria can survive drugs created to kill them, making […]

Marijuana health claims lure patients as science catches up

SEATTLE — Marijuana has been shown to help ease pain and a few other health problems, yet two-thirds of U.S. states have decided pot should be legal to treat many other conditions with little scientific backing. At least 1.4 million Americans are using marijuana for their health, according to an Associated Press analysis of states that track […]

Texas Governor Finally Signs Bill Legalizing Hemp and CBD

Slowly but surely, the Lone Star State is beginning to back down on herbal prohibition. Finally, cannabis with THC levels below 0.3 percent are now legal in Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a new law this Monday legalizing hemp and hemp-derived products, a historic moment for a state long renowned for its opposition to […]

Groundbreaking Tikun Olam Research Study Confirms Cannabis Effectively Treats Fibromyalgia, Decreases Pharmaceutical & Opioid Use

NEW YORK, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Patients suffering from fibromyalgia experience significant improvement in pain, sleep, and depression symptoms after treatment with Tikun Olam medical cannabis, a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine confirms. The six-month study “Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Fibromyalgia,” comprised 367 fibromyalgia patients, making it […]

Gov. Abbott signs bill allowing Texas farmers to grow hemp

AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Industrial hemp will now be a market Texas farmers can explore in the state. Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill legalizing the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp in Texas this week. Federal changes through the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of Schedule I substances, paving the way for […]

Could Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome Be the Cause of IBS and Migraines?

A small group of scientists and doctors believe a lack of endocannabinoids could explain the causes behind little-understood medical conditions like fibromyalgia, IBS, and migraines. Cannabis seems to treat an impressively wide range of medical conditions, from chronic pain to eating disorders to depression to cancer. Researchers suggest that weed may appear to be a […]