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Man Caught Traveling With 80 Pounds of Weed Disguised as Christmas Presents

Cannabis culture includes a long, rich, and often times very interesting history of smuggling. And in many cases, these stories involve all sorts of creative methods for sneaking weed where it is not allowed. Looks like this history has another incident to add to the books. This time, a man attempting to fly out of […]

Founder of Cirque du Soleil Under Investigation For Growing Cannabis

The founder of Cirque du Soleil says it was all for personal use, but it is unclear if the government of French Polynesia cares. 60-year-old Guy Laliberté is being investigated in conjunction with a drug trafficking case after police saw photos on a man’s cell phone of the billionaire’s alleged marijuana cultivation operation. The plants […]

Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Electricity For Cannabis Grow House

Growing marijuana is a relatively labor- and resource-intensive project. That’s especially true of indoor growing efforts. Along with the physical space needed to cultivate cannabis plants indoors, growers also need a lot of water and nutrients to keep the plants healthy. Similarly, growers also use large amounts of electricity. Typically, they need power to run […]

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down After Owner Was Caught Selling Meth

An Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary has been shut down after the owner of the shop was arrested on Wednesday for selling meth. Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) arrested Jeffrey Peregrino, 38, the owner of the Left Handed Okies medical marijuana dispensary in Spiro, Oklahoma, who faces two counts of trafficking methamphetamine, according […]

Customs and Border Protection Seizes $1.4 Million Worth of Marijuana in Texas

The World Trade Bridge between the United States and Mexico is one of the most secure and fortified ports of entry along the US southern border. But drug traffickers still smuggle the majority of illicit drugs through official ports of entry like the one in Laredo. Sometimes, they get caught. On Tuesday, Customs and Border […]

Mailman Delivers Cannabis to Home Being Raided by Police

North Port, Florida has two medical cannabis dispensaries. But neither of them should be confused with a residence on the 5600 block of Brickell Drive, where police served a warrant and arrested two men on multiple drug charges Thursday. The USPS carrier who showed up while police were executing the warrant was probably confused, however, […]

Pharmaceutical Company CEO Found Guilty of Bribing Doctors to Prescribe Opioids

Former pharmaceutical company CEO John Kapoor was convicted of racketeering by a jury in Boston last week in a scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe opioids. Four other executives of Insys, the drug firm founded by Kapoor, were also found guilty in the case after a 10-week trial and 15 days of jury deliberations. “Today’s […]

Florida Man Arrested After Inviting Police Officer to Smoke a Bowl With Him

Another Florida man is under arrest after being too welcoming and inviting toward the police. Bunnell, Florida resident Arthur Carracino just really wanted a pair of Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies to check out his home-grown cannabis plant and smoke a bowl with him. In a body-camera video captured in the wee hours of the morning, […]

Louisiana’s Cajun Cannabis CBD Store Raided, Owner Facing Felony Charges

Less than a week after the 4/20 grand opening of Louisiana’s newest CBD store and cafe, Cajun Cannabis, owner Travis DeYoung is facing multiple felony drug charges. Late Wednesday night, police stopped DeYoung in his vehicle for an alleged traffic violation. After searching DeYoung’s car and finding a gun and various forms of cannabidiol products, […]