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Chicago Shop Owner Gets Prison Sentence For Selling K2 Laced With Rat Poison

Convenience store owner Fouad Masoud, owner of the King Mini Mart on South Kedzie Avenue on the west side of Chicago, will spend the next seven years in prison for selling K2 laced with rat poison. Prosecutors had fought for a sentence of 10 years, citing Masoud’s admission to selling upwards of 80 packages of […]

In Light of Legalization, Chicago Housing Authority Revises Policy on Cannabis Use

The board of commissioners of the Chicago Housing Authority voted on Tuesday to approve a new policy to help protect residents from being evicted for using cannabis. The board’s action revises an announcement from the agency last year that warned to end assistance for those found in possession of pot despite the legalization of marijuana […]

Police Looking for Thief Who Stole From Chicago Airport Cannabis Amnesty Box

When Chicago police installed so-called “cannabis amnesty boxes” in the city’s airports earlier this month, the idea was to provide a safe repository for travelers to dump their weed. But in that, one apparent thief saw an opportunity. Authorities in the Windy City said this week that someone snatched an item from a box located […]

Officials Say That Chicago Cannabis Taxes May Exceed 41% By Summer

For those looking to buy some legal weed in Chicago, be prepared for some sticker shock. That’s because pot products there are larded with taxes. On Wednesday, the Cook County Board approved another one: a three percent tax on marijuana retailers, which will be tacked on to a bevy of other taxes already levied on […]

Chicago Airports Have Installed Drop Boxes For Passengers To Get Rid Of Weed

Illinois’ new era of legal weed means travelers passing through Chicago airports don’t need to worry about TSA if they’re holding. But if you don’t feel like taking your pot on the plane, well, that’s cool, too. Local officials announced this week that so-called “cannabis amnesty boxes” have been installed at O’Hare International Airport and […]

Domestic Travelers with Cannabis Won’t be Arrested In Chicago Airports After Jan. 1

The winds of change are afoot in the Windy City, and that will soon mean less stress for pot smoking travelers to Chicago’s airports. Illinois is set to become the latest state to lift prohibition on recreational marijuana use. And when the new law takes effect on New Year’s Day, domestic travelers passing through Chicago […]

Chicago Mayor Proposes Allowance of Public Cannabis Consumption in Certain Areas

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot introduced a proposed ordinance on Wednesday that would establish licenses for safe and legal cannabis consumption sites in the city. The proposal is described by the mayor’s office as an effort to expand economic opportunities across the city and bring more entrepreneurs into the emerging cannabis industry. Under a measure passed […]

State’s Attorney for Illinois’ Cook County Files Over 1,000 Cannabis Expungements

In less than a month, millions of Illinois adults will be able to buy marijuana legally for the first time. But before that, the state is doing right by those who got busted in the previous era.  Kim Foxx, the state’s attorney for Cook County, Illinois (where Chicago is the county seat), went to court […]

Frustration Emerges Over Lack of Minority Ownership In Chicago’s Cannabis Space

Chicago’s Black aldermen have raised concern over racial issues in Illinois’ nascent recreational cannabis industry. A fraught city council meeting took place Wednesday, on the heels of the news that lawmakers in the nearby town of Evanston have linked cannabis tax revenue to reparations for the Black community. That move was seen as a creative […]