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Cannabis Party Bus, Dab Space Station, Bursts Into Flames In Colorado

It’s not uncommon for cannabis businesses to end up the target of property crimes. Typically, that takes the form of retail shops being broken into and robbed. But a cannabis business owner in Denver, Colorado says his company was the target of something much different: arson. The Dab Space Station—a party bus aimed at giving […]

Kansas City Police Chief Believes Cannabis Is Behind City’s Rising Murder Rate

Chief Rick Smith of the Kansas City Police Department wrote in a blog on Wednesday that he believes that cannabis is responsible for his city’s higher than average murder rate. Kansas City, Missouri placed #26 on the list of U.S. cities with 100,000 or more residents with the highest murder rate, based on FBI data […]

Denver Police Investigating Series of Break-Ins at Dispensaries

In Denver, Colorado, dispensary break-ins are pretty much par for the course. So far this year, police have reported around 35 break-ins at weed shops in the greater metro area. That’s more than one dispensary burglary each week, and about as many as police reported at this point last year. But now, police are investigating […]