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Joe Biden Thinks That Marijuana Could Be A ‘Gateway Drug’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has not been swayed by the fact every other Democratic presidential candidate front-runner has declared their support for federal marijuana legalization. On Saturday at a Las Vegas town hall, the politician said that he still didn’t feel he had “nearly enough evidence” to figure out whether marijuana was a “gateway […]

Bernie Sanders Unveils Comprehensive Plan To Legalize Cannabis And Expunge Convictions

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont unveiled a plan to legalize cannabis and expunge convictions for marijuana offenses on Thursday, releasing a blueprint of his plan at exactly 4:20 in the afternoon. Sanders said in a statement about the plan that it is time for the nation to take a new approach to […]

Beto O’Rourke Proposes Replacing Opioids With Cannabis During Democratic Debate

Former congressman and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke proposed at the Democratic Party’s presidential debate on Tuesday night that opioids could be replaced with cannabis for some patients. O’Rourke’s suggestion came during a discussion about the nation’s ongoing opioid crisis during Tuesday’s face-off between the 12 leading Democratic candidates. The former U.S. representative from El Paso, […]

The Life And Career Of Late Left-Wing Texas Journalist, Molly Ivins

A nationally-syndicated political columnist and author of seven books, Molly Ivins was a pickup-driving, beer-swigging Texan with a foul mouth who just so happened to be a liberal. Raise Hell: The Life and Times Of Molly Irvins is a new documentary that tells the story of the prescient woman who chronicled the country’s political trajectory […]

Bernie Sanders Says He’d Legalize Pot Through Executive Order

Bernie Sanders wants to legalize cannabis if he is elected president. And he isn’t going to wait on Congress to do it. The presidential hopeful said this week that he would use an executive order to end the federal prohibition on pot, reiterating his long-standing opposition to the ban. “When I ran for president for […]

Cory Booker ‘Disappointed’ Cannabis Legalization Not a Topic of Democratic Debates

Presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey said last Wednesday night that he was ‘disappointed’ that the subject of marijuana legalization did not come up during the Democratic Party debates held this week. The party conducted two separate rounds of debates on Wednesday and Thursday to accommodate the broad field of Democratic candidates. Twenty […]

North Carolina Democrats File Bill to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana

It’s hard to ignore the rumblings for legal marijuana in North Carolina. This week, some policymakers are focusing first on decriminalization measures. On Monday, four state representatives filed as primary sponsors for HB 766, which would erase penalties for possessing four ounces or less of cannabis, making it “no longer unlawful.” The bill would make […]