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Ganja Gourmet: Cannabis-Infused Mango Sticky-Icky Rice

Ever hear the old stoner rumor that eating fresh mango before consuming cannabis will intensify and prolong the effects of THC? This idea has been around for a while, and there is some science to back it up. Mangoes naturally contain high levels of beta-myrcene, a monoterpene found in cannabis and other aromatic plants. Myrcene […]

Flashback Friday: Chef Ra’s Allhallowmass Feast

Also known as Jim Wilson, Jr., Chef Ra (1950–2006) was a cannabis foods writer and a fixture at High Times. In the October, 1994 issue, he shared a recipe for his Ganjaween Grilled Apples in Dips. Perhaps it’s time to revive Chef Ra’s spirit by revisiting the tempting dish for this year’s Halloween—a quarter of […]

Ganja Gourmet: Super-Baked Nachos

Nachos were originally the result of some inventive thinking to make the most of what was readily on hand—a fitting start for what’s become a staple stoner meal. Initially a beautifully simple fare, nachos have evolved into a whole subcategory of food with infinite variations of toppings, sizes and meal types. This take is a […]

Ganja Gourmet: Super Syrup

Make your own delicious, cannabis-infused maple syrup at home and take your next breakfast or brunch to a whole new level! The use of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) in this recipe works particularly well as it adds a deeply herbal, almost spicy counterpoint to the sweetness of the syrup, as well as allowing for the […]

Adventures in Edibles: A Conversation with Atmosphere’s Sean “Slug” Daley

Atmosphere’s Sean “Slug” Daley had just kicked off the Mi Vida Local tour when he made a revelatory observation. As he stood in front of the audience at the Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, MO, the Rhymesayers Entertainment co-founder noticed everyone was staring at him. And they weren’t the usual stares that come along with taking […]

Study: More Colorado Teens Are Choosing Edibles, Vapes Over Smoking Cannabis

The explosion in non-smokable marijuana products that has occurred as more and more states and countries legalize the drug seems to be having its effect, according to the latest large-scale survey on Colorado teen cannabis usage. The investigation, published on Monday in JAMA Pediatrics and based on the state government’s biennial health survey, found that […]

Buddha Beans Offers a Different Kind of Coffee

The rise of CBD products is prevalent, with a growing number of options through which to consume it. While the effects may be familiar to veteran users, there’s confusion for those more inexperienced, particularly considering rising availability in types of products and experiences, including facials, coffees, lotions, flower, and countless more. The confusion around it […]

Distillates vs Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil in Your Edibles: What’s the Difference?

You may already have your favorite commercial edible and know the optimum dose of ingestible THC to get you precisely where you want to be. But do you know what’s in your edible and how it’s made? The vast majority of ingestible cannabis products in dispensaries are made with distillate—basically pure THC molecules that are […]

Review: Gorilla Gummies by Green Gorilla

Nowadays, when it comes to CBD products, we have a ton of choice. So much so, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Do we choose tinctures? Capsules? One of the many available vapes? The possibilities are endless, and with the boom in the CBD market, it doesn’t look like there will be a slow-down […]

How to Make a Sparkling Cannabis Cocktail

Generally speaking, there’s nothing more festive than a crisp bottle of bubbly—until now, that is. Welcome to the world of the sparkling cannabis cocktail: a simple, adaptable drink for modern celebrating that can be tailored to your tastes. Start your own tradition with a homemade cannabis beverage. It’s easier than you think! INGREDIENTS 11.5 ounces […]