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Report Calls for UK to Embrace Potential of Medical Cannabis Industry

An advocacy organization known as Volteface recently released a report entitled “New Leaf: Beyond Brexit, Countering Covid” explores how the United Kingdom (UK) is missing out by not fully embracing the opportunities of the medical cannabis industry.  Head of Programming at the Adam Smith Institute, Daniel Pryor, wrote the foreword for the report, stating that […]

Exclusive: Heilung Speaks Out on Cannabis and Ritual

Heilung has made an impact on the entire world with its powerful, ritualistic brand of Germanic folk music. The band is known for its inclusive, global approach, bringing indigenous people on stage at every performance to help celebrate the ritual of humanity and music.  But, until now, the band members have had to stay silent […]

European Recreational Cannabis Reform: Will Guernsey Go Next?

For those watching the European cannabis discussion develop, one of the most interesting places to be right now is the island of Guernsey. Located between France and the UK, the island has been going gangbusters on the medical reform question for several years now. Now, there is a call for the island to go whole […]

Luxembourg to Become First EU Country to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation and Consumption

The European country of Luxembourg (also called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), which shares borders with Belgium, Germany and France, has a population of approximately 62,000 people. As one of the 27 countries that make up the European Union (EU), it could officially become the first in the EU to legalize cannabis cultivation. The Luxembourg […]

Czech Government Triples Limit Allowed in Industrial Hemp

In a move that is further expected to shore up new calls for comprehensive cannabis reform at a European level, Czech President Miloš Zeman signed a law in the last week of September that allows industrial hemp grown in the country to have a THC level of 1.0 percent.  This exceeds the current limit set […]

How Will the German Elections Impact the Recreational Cannabis Market?

The German national election is over, and the results are in. The Cliff’s Notes version of the same is that there has been an upset in the German electoral map in a way that is still reverberating in political circles as coalition talks about which parties will form the new government get underway.  There are […]

Green Party in Finland Calls for End of Prohibition

Finland may not be first on anyone’s list when it comes to being an epicenter of cannabis reform, but even this Scandinavian country is now considering the same. The Green political party of Finland, the Green League, is championing a policy of legalization and regulation of a nascent domestic cannabis market. While the move has […]

Switzerland’s Zurich to Begin Recreational Cannabis Trial in 2022

Switzerland has finally announced its highly anticipated three-and-a-half-year pilot scheme to implement the development of a recreational cannabis trial (and industry). This is a direct result of legislative changes made in Swiss law about the same last year. The trial will allow Swiss cities to set up their own cannabis markets, and further, conduct their […]

Barcelona Cannabis Clubs Dealt Fresh Blow by Spanish Supreme Court

Barcelona’s fight over the legality of cannabis clubs has gone into overtime with the federal court dealing a blow to a 30-year-old industry that refuses to pack it in