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The High Times Gift Guide For Growers

With everything from grow lights, plant food, and eco-friendly planters to runoff systems, insecticide, grow tents, and trimmers, our curated selection of grow-themed gifts should provide a few good ideas of what to give your favorite cultivator this holiday season. Spectrum King SK602GH LED Grow Light Made in the USA and nationwide compliant, the 610 […]

The High Times Guide To Gifts For Students

OK, so a lot of students can’t legally consume cannabis, but that doesn’t mean they can’t identify with the budding lifestyle that the iconic marijuana leaf represents. From hats and scarves to slippers and more, there are a multitude of ways to show support for cannabis legalization. To round things out, we took the liberty […]

The High Times Gift Guide To Flower

You know the feeling. No matter how hard you try, you can’t figure out which weed-themed present to give your favorite stoner for the holidays. Fortunately, your choices aren’t limited to gimmicky marijuana-themed jewelry or a snowman in the shape of a bong. Just look to the source and give ’em some good old-fashioned flower […]

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles

Whether you prefer non-psychoactive hemp foods or cannabis-infused vittles and drinkables that are high in THC, there’s sure to be something appetizing to make your mouth water on our list of the very best edibles to give your friends and loved ones — and yourself — for the holidays. Bon appétit! Mood Bars by Chill […]