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Marijuana Legalization In Illinois Won’t Apply To People Living In Public Housing

Once again, a major failing in the current model of state-by-state marijuana legalization has been exposed. In Chicago, the public housing agency has released a memo clarifying that residents may not partake in the state’s soon-to-be-legal cannabis industry in the comfort of their homes. Chicago Housing Authority, which is the third largest agency of its […]

Oregon to Ban Landlords Rejecting Renters Based on Prior Marijuana Convictions

Oregon legislators have passed a bill that would prohibit landlords from rejecting prospective tenants based on prior convictions for minor marijuana convictions. The measure, Senate Bill 970, would also ban landlords from considering a housing applicant’s status as a medical marijuana patient when making rental decisions. The bill was passed by the Oregon Senate on […]

Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana Use in Public Housing Introduced in Congress

A bill that would permit the use of medical marijuana by residents of public housing in states with legal medicinal cannabis programs was introduced in Congress last week. The measure, the Marijuana in Federally Assisted Housing Parity Act of 2019, was introduced on Thursday by Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a nonvoting delegate from the […]