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New HTTV Show Meet the Judges Introduces Cannabis Cup Judges

A new show debuting soon on HTTV is introducing viewers to some of the judges who decide the winners at High Times Cannabis Cup competitions. The new video series, Meet the Judges, launches this week with episodes shot at the Michigan Cannabis Cup held in June. The new show breaks the long-standing tradition of keeping […]

HTTV Launches New Cooking Channel: Farm to Table Cannabis by The Hydroponic Chef

High Times TV is proud to launch a new cannabis-infused cooking channel: Farm to Table Cannabis presented by The Hydroponic Chef. You may have caught The Hydroponic Chef on 420 Live a few weeks ago. Now, you can watch his cooking show anytime you want on High Times TV! A bonus post and recipe from […]

‘Workaholics’ Creator’s Band Debuts Pot-Friendly Video on HTTV

Kyle Newacheck, one of the creative forces behind the hit Comedy Central series ‘Workaholics,’ is bringing his talents to High Times TV this week with the debut of a pot-friendly video from his band Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye. The new video, for the song ‘Don’tcha Feel (Like Loving Me),’ features a pot nug […]

Teaser: Interview with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes: Our Video of the Week

Video Title: Dope Life | Jay & Silent Bob Creator: Dope Magazine Description: For decades, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes have been stoner icons. Whether you’ve been a fan since the release of the 1994 cult classic “Clerks” or a more recent fan of the duo’s work such as their podcast, “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old,” it’s […]

Dr. Sue Sisley Takes on the DEA: Our Video of the Week

Video Title: Dr. Sue Sisley Vs. The DEA Creator: Grow House Description: Have you ever wanted to sue the DEA? Patrick got to sit down with the bravest soul in cannabis trying to do just that!  Dr. Sue is one of America’s leading cannabis researchers fighting the DEA to give researchers access to quality cannabis plans for testing […]

Kraig Fox Named New President and CEO of High Times Holding Corporation

High Times Holding Corporation is thrilled to announce that veteran media and entertainment executive Kraig Fox will take over as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. In his new role, Fox will oversee the operations of the company, which includes Dope Magazine, Culture Magazine, Green Rush Daily, and the Cannabis Cup Festivals. Fox’s extensive […]

High Times with Syd and Mike

Introducing the stoner comedy duo of Sydney Davis and Michael Holt better known as Syd and Mike. Their unique short video episodes explore the unique friendships among marijuana enthusiasts and their smoky shorts are now featured on High Times TV! I spoke to them about their inspirations and the role that cannabis plays in their […]

Macy Grey Talks About the Evolution of Music: Our Video of the Week

Title: Dope Life | Macy Gray Creator: Dope Magazine Description: Grammy Award winner Macy Gray sits down to discuss the evolution of the music industry, her new album, travel as an influence and cannabis as a medicine. For more videos, download the HIGH TIMES TV app on Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device or visit The post Macy Grey Talks About the […]