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Indiana GOP Lawmakers Seek to Override Relaxed Marijuana Laws in Indianapolis

If local officials no longer want to enforce anti-marijuana laws, Indiana Republicans want the state to step in.  That is the gist of the legislation that was approved Tuesday by a panel in the state senate. The bill would allow the Indiana attorney general’s office to intervene if a county prosecutor were to not enforce […]

Indiana State Senator Files Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis Possession

An Indiana lawmaker took the first steps this week toward decriminalizing marijuana in the state.  Karen Tallian, a state senator in Indiana, filed legislation on Monday to do just that. Under Tallian’s bill, possession of less than an ounce of pot would only be a ticketable offense accompanied by a small fine and, crucially, no […]

Indianapolis’ Chief Prosecutor Nixes Future Simple Possession Cases

The prosecutor for the biggest county in Indiana just announced his office will no longer pursue simple marijuana possession cases.  The decision from Marion County’s Prosecutor Ryan Mears was one of the first from his Indianapolis office since he took over last week after his former boss left for medical reasons.  According to the announcement […]

Federal Judge Says Indiana’s Ban On Smokable Hemp Is Unconstitutional

A federal judge in Indiana ruled last week that the state’s law banning smokable forms of hemp is unconstitutional and has issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of the statute. In a ruling issued on September 13, Judge Sarah Evans Barker of the Southern District of Indiana said that Indiana’s law prohibiting the manufacturing, financing, delivery, […]

Indiana State Rep Charged with Trying to Buy Cocaine, Impersonating a Police Officer

A note: don’t do this. The “this” in question? Approaching strangers in a bar to buy blow. Maybe we didn’t have to lecture you on that particular point, but then again, maybe you’re a rather brash young state legislator from Indiana and you were planning on going out tonight. Of course, if that was the […]

Founder of Indianapolis’ First Church of Cannabis Running for Governor of Indiana

Bill Levin, the founder of the Indianapolis First Church of Cannabis, announced on Monday that he is running for governor of Indiana. Levin will seek the nomination of the state’s Libertarian Party in his bid for the statehouse, according to a report in local media. The legalization of cannabis will be a central theme of […]

Indiana State Trooper Seizes $3.5 Million Worth of Cannabis, Vapes

$3.5 million worth of cannabis and THC vape cartridges are now tucked away inside an Indiana State Police evidence locker. And the two men who stand accused of transporting it are behind bars in a Hendricks County jail. Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Multi-Million Dollar Drug Bust in Indiana Around 11:30 am on Wednesday, March […]