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What’s in Your Stash? Sue and Lee, 420 Old Fat Lesbians

State of Maine medical cannabis patients, Sue and Lee, took to Instagram as #420oldfatlesbians, with the sub-heading of “The Likes of Dykes,” just eight months ago. Profiled shortly thereafter in High Times, with 70,000 followers garnered in just one month, nearly a year later, they humbly host more than 100,000 devoted followers, to date. With […]

Higher Profile: Bradley King, Life Coach With A Higher Calling

For the past five years, Bradley King has been a successful global life coach, inspiring and encouraging clients around the world. Two years ago, after a client shared that cannabis helped them deal with life’s issues, King found his own life being coached, with his sessions diving deeper and able to move forward more quickly […]

Edibles Company Reportedly Donated Over $60,000 to San Francisco LGBT Center

California cannabis edibles manufacturer Plus Products has donated more than $60,000 to the San Francisco LGBT Center, according to a statement from the company. The donation comes from Plus Products’ sales of its Rainbow Sorbet limited edition gummies. The company’s donation totaled $60,937, which represents a $1 contribution to the SF LGBT Center for each […]

Pride Month Shows That Cannabis Events Work For Just About Any Occasion

One of the more intriguing, creative, and lucrative aspects of the cannabis industry has to be its events and event planning. As the market steps further out of the darkness of the illicit market, the public is beginning to understand just how many ways cannabis can be incorporated into an event.  Much like how virtually […]

6 Brands Who Are Giving Back To The LGBTQ Community This Pride Month

It’s that time of year again. The month-long period where large companies, banks, and politicians start selling products and apparel decorated with rainbow Pride flags, glitter, and slogans like “Let’s get one thing straight: I’m not” and “Yasss”. Corporations love Pride Month. But it may (or may not) surprise you to learn that the vast […]

How LGBTQ People Helped Advance Cannabis Legalization

The fight to advance cannabis access bares a strong resemblance to that of the advancement of LGBTQ rights. Often, it is because they are so intertwined. Several people spoke to High Times for this piece and delved into the topic. “The cannabis movement has been known as mostly a progressive issue during its eighty-year-plus prohibition, […]