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LA County Prosecutors Teams Up With Tech Group to Clear 66,000 Cannabis Convictions

Los Angeles prosecutors and a tech nonprofit are working together to amend the harms caused by the war on drugs. The post LA County Prosecutors Teams Up With Tech Group to Clear 66,000 Cannabis Convictions appeared first on High Times.

Dozens Of Los Angeles Cannabis Retailers Raided In City’s Largest Crackdown

By the time the sun came up on Friday the thirteenth, cannabis law enforcement agents had seized $8.8 million worth of cannabis products, including some 10,000 counterfeit vape pens and $129,000 cash, from two dozen unlicensed cannabis shops in Los Angeles, California. From December 10 – 12, investigators with the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control […]

When An Opera Is Just As Trippy As Any Psychedelic

If you’re a regular reader of High Times, you know that we don’t usually cover operas. We do, however, have 45 years’ experience covering psychedelics and the counterculture at large, so when we were presented with the opportunity to view a breakthrough staging of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s legendary opera, The Magic Flute, we took it […]

Celebrating Día De Muertos: A Day For The Dead

Every year in Mexico and beyond, descendants of departed loved ones transform somber memorials into lively altars or ofrendas, replete with colorful marigolds, dazzling candles, and all of the deceased’s favorite earthly indulgences as a way to bring joy to the act of remembrance and successfully propel the dead into the afterlife. In the United […]

Another Cannabis Consumption Cafe Is Coming To West Hollywood

Recently, the City of West Hollywood, California unveiled the nation’s premier cannabis restaurant, Lowell Cafe. Now, it appears as if the pot-friendly SoCal city is about to have another weed eatery. Scheduled to open in Spring, 2020, Aeon Botanika will be a 7,000 square foot one-stop-wellness-shop with not just a superfoods cafe, but also a […]