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Cherokee Nation Will No Longer Demand THC Abstinence From Employees

“Landscapes are changing, and the Cherokee Nation needed to modernize its HR policies to reflect those changes,” said Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. in a January 15 press release. The communication was meant to inform the public that Hoskin’s tribal association would be leaving space for its employees to undergo medicinal cannabis treatment. No longer […]

Why Aren’t More Patients Utilizing Medical Cannabis Reciprocity Programs?

Reciprocity, the legal process allowing a state-issued license to be accepted in other states, is relatively common among medical cannabis states.  But it seems that not that many people actually use reciprocity, particularly in high bar states like Oklahoma. About half a dozen medical cannabis states recognize medical cards from other states, according to the […]

Oklahoma Law Would Fast-Track Medical Marijuana Licenses For Terminally Ill Patients

An Oklahoma lawmaker is proposing a new law that would expedite the process for terminally ill patients to obtain a license to use medical marijuana. Under a bill introduced by Republican state Sen. Rob Standridge of Norman, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority would have up to five days to issue medical marijuana identification cards to […]