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Industry and Activists Call On Western Governors to Explore Cannabis Interstate Commerce

A group representing cannabis businesses and activists is calling on the governors of four western states to explore receiving federal approval for interstate trade in cannabis, a move that could help set the stage for the eventual national legalization of cannabis.  In a letter posted online, the Alliance for Sensible Markets called on the governors […]

Oregon State Police Seize 500K Pounds of Illicit Cannabis

Oregon State Police seized roughly 500,000 pounds of cannabis as part of a sweeping bust last week, the latest illicit grow operation to uncovered by authorities in the southern part of the state. The state police said that its Drug Enforcement Section for the southwest region of Oregon served a search warrant last Thursday in […]

Oregon Authorities Link Illicit Pot Farms to Mexican Cartels

Law enforcement officers and other authorities in southern Oregon say that a rash of illegal marijuana cultivation operations in the area are linked to Mexican drug cartels intent on overwhelming local resources as a strategy to maximize profits.  In Jackson County, officials declared a state of emergency last month and said that the proliferation of […]

Oregon County Declares State of Emergency Due to Illegal Grows

Local leaders of a county in southern Oregon declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, saying that the illegal production of marijuana in the community is a threat to public safety. In a letter to state leaders, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners said that the proliferation of illicit cannabis farms in the area has […]

Illicit Cannabis Grow Op Discovered in Oregon

An enormous, illicit marijuana grow operation was discovered in southern Oregon last week in what local authorities are describing as an unprecedented bust.  The operation was found last Wednesday near the town of Klamath Falls, Oregon, where deputies reportedly stumbled upon a “27,000-square-foot potato shed” south of the town.  The potato shed, according to the […]

Oregon State University Hemp Center Receives $10M Grant

The Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University announced last week that it has received a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study and define the economic opportunities for hemp in the western United States.  Provided by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Sustainable Agricultural Systems grant program, […]

Oregon Cannabis Ranch Tied to Alleged Human Trafficking

A ranch in southern Oregon was reportedly raided last week over suspicion of various illegal activity, including alleged cannabis cultivation and human trafficking.  According to a report from Jefferson Public Radio, the sheriff’s department in Josephine County, Oregon conducted the raid on Wednesday as “part of a larger investigation that began with the death of […]