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Some CBD Pet Products May Not Actually Contain CBD

(AP)—Companies have unleashed hundreds of CBD pet health products accompanied by glowing customer testimonials claiming the cannabis derivative produced calmer, quieter and pain-free dogs and cats. But some of these products are all bark and no bite. “You’d be astounded by the analysis we’ve seen of products on the shelf with virtually no CBD in […]

New Mexico Could Expand Medical Marijuana Program To Include Dogs

Pot for pooches? It could happen in New Mexico, where activists are lobbying to expand the state’s medical marijuana program to cover ailing dogs.  The Associated Press is reporting that the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will take up a pair of petitions at its meeting next month to expand the qualifying medical conditions […]

A Cannabis-Friendly Veterinarian Shares His Tips for Giving CBD to Pets

Sara Ritchie Feb 13, 2019 When pets get ill or experience anxiety, most owners would do just about anything to fix the situation, so it’s not surprising that many pet owners have tried giving medical marijuana to their furry friends. Now veterinarians are starting to follow suit. As more and more research has come out in support […]