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2021 Roundup of Cannabis Reform in Europe (and 2022 Predictions)

As the world contemplates a whole new year, whether or not COVID will finally recede, there are a few things to cheer about, including cannabis reform. Namely, no matter how many uncertainties face us all, as grey January stretches beyond the holiday lights, there is certainly cheer in the air that will last much longer […]

Portugal Punts (Temporarily) on Cannabis Reform as Government Collapses

Budget wars, not antipathy to the prospect of the full and final legalization of cannabis, will probably put Portugal behind on the recreational reform question within the European Union (EU). The country’s 2022 budget had included tax cuts and increased public investment to stimulate the economy post COVID. It was opposed by both hard Left- […]

Few Medical Cannabis Licenses in Portugal Have Been Awarded

Ever since Tilray decamped for Portugal during the early days of the German cannabis cultivation bid circa 2017, the country has been touted as “the place” within the European Union (EU) for the German distributors to source their product. That said, the actual progress of the industry has been a little slower than that—in part […]

Portugal Delays Recreational Cannabis Bills as Luxembourg Also Signals Delay

These are curious days in Europe on the recreational cannabis question. On one hand, the stated intentions of both Portugal and Luxembourg to establish recreational markets as early as next year and certainly by 2023 has been on the drawing board for the past three years. On the other, as the clock ticks down to […]

Portugal Parliament Ignites Adult-Use Conversations All Over Europe

Portugal, the country that currently has one of the most liberal approaches to cannabis on Europe’s Western Coast, is deciding on whether or not to go recreational, which is igniting the adult-use conversation throughout Europe and beyond.

¿Cuanto cuesta una onza de marihuana alrededor del mundo?

El precio de la marihuana depende de dónde se encuentre y de la calidad que obtenga. Los precios en estados o países con marihuana legalizada tienden a ser más bajos que en lugares que dependen de las calles. Entonces, ¿Cuánto cuesta una onza de hierba? Revisaremos los costos promedio de la marihuana de calidad media […]