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Flashback Friday: The Strange History of American Cults

For this edition of Flashback Friday, we’re bringing you Jim Hoberman’s primer on American cults from the October, 1979 edition of High Times. Relax, America. Don’t worry about those cults. Archvillains Jim Jones and Charlie Manson may be scary, but they aren’t quite the very modern aberrations that the media would like you to think […]

What Cannabinoids Would Jesus Do?

“One thing Christians are often accused of is being narrow and judgmental,” says editor Natalie Gillespie. “I think that’s because we’re afraid to even learn about something that we think might not be good for us.” Though she had never been a big cannabis user before she got the job, the longtime Tallahassee-based journalist […]

Man Reports Seeing Jesus’ Face in Freshly-Pressed God’s Gift Strain Cannabis Oil

We’ve all heard the stories: people seeing the face of rock star and world-renowned religious icon Jesus Christ everywhere they look. And yes, we’ve all seen the dubious pictures of Jesus’ face in various food items, from toast to potato chips; seems like the dude can’t help himself from popping up in seemingly normal objects […]

Flashback Friday: Santeria

In the October, 1993 print edition of High Times, Eric Williams writes about the pantheistic Afro-Cuban religious tradition of Santeria. Santeria is to the ancient African spiritual traditions what neo-paganism is to the pre-Christian European traditions. Santeria, which blends Roman Catholicism with the West African Yoruba tradition brought to the Caribbean by slaves, is found […]

Flashback Friday: Cabala, Tasting The Forbidden Fruit Of The Tree Of Life

In the July, 1981 issue of High Times, Robert Anton Wilson, famed writer of the “Illuminatus” trilogy, leads us through a labyrinth of esoterica with his customary wit and style. There’s a tale they tell at Military Intelligence in London, when the candles gutter low and the fog curls about the windows. It happened in […]

Wisconsin City Officials Trying to Stop Church From Distributing Cannabis

Cannabis isn’t legal in the state of Wisconsin just yet, but one Madison-based Rastafarian church has utilized a religion-based loophole that allows them to serve the plant to members who make a small donation. But despite the seemingly fool-proof statute, it appears local officials aren’t going to let this one slide without a fight. The […]

Religious Leaders in South Carolina Voice Support for Medical Marijuana

Lawmakers in South Carolina are currently considering a new bill that would legalize medical marijuana. So far, the bill has seen support both among legislators and the general public. And now, the bill has formally received support from a potentially important social group. This week, a group of leaders from a number of different religious […]

Mexican President Met With Christian Group To Discuss Campaign Against Drugs

For the second time in a month, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador met with a group of evangelical pastors to discuss a plan that would give the religious organization access to radio and TV channels to promote Christian morality, including a “say no to drugs” campaign, reports Mexican newspaper Milenio. The meeting raised concerns […]