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High Times Announces Launch of Flagship Retail Stores

You’re already reading High Times. Soon, you’ll be able to shop at High Times. Hightimes Holding Corp., the parent company of this publication, announced Wednesday that it will be opening two flagship retail stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Each store will operate under the High Times name and logo, and will offer memorabilia, […]

Getting Lost At The FounderMade Discovery Show West

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know they can be a nightmare. You’re winding your way through a serpentine exhibition space, trying to penetrate clusters of ambling professionals in order to stop at whichever booth catches your eye, whereupon you’re subjected to a 15-second elevator pitch that seems to leave you knowing […]

New Poll Reveals Majority of Californians Support Pot Shops In Their Communities

When recreational weed became legal in California, it included provisions that gave local governments the power to bar pot shops. And according to reporting done by the Los Angeles Times, roughly three-fourths of all municipalities have done precisely that. Yet despite the high number of localities that have prohibited cannabis retail, a new poll shows […]

Circle K’s Parent Company Invests in Canadian Cannabis Retailer Fire & Flower

Owner of the Circle K chain of retail stores, Canada’s multinational convenience-store business Alimentation Couche-Tard has announced that it is investing in Fire & Flower Holdings Corp., owners of the Fire & Flower Inc. cannabis retailer in Canada. Fire & Flower offers a curated selection of hand-picked strains, in addition to apparel and accessories such […]

American Eagle Becomes Latest Major Retailer to Sell CBD-Infused Products

American Eagle Outfitters will begin selling CBD personal care and wellness products at nearly 500 of its stores and online, according to a release from Green Growth Brands (GGB), the clothing retailer’s partner in the new venture. The move by American Eagle marks the latest foray into the burgeoning CBD market by a major U.S. […]

Abercrombie & Fitch To Sell CBD Products at Over 160 Locations

It would have been impossible to guess, in the glory days of clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch, that the company would one day be relying on cannabinoids to up its business forecast. But with shares down 20 percent this year, the mall staple is casting around for new ideas. Here’s the latest; soon customers at […]

Mayor of Washington DC Announces Bill to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

As the political will to enact federal legalization of medicinal or recreational marijuana continues to evade Senate and Congress, smaller jurisdictions across the country are putting their own regulation ordinance on the books. But this time, such proposed legislation is striking close to home for federal lawmakers; Washington D.C.’s Mayor Muriel E. Bowser introduced a […]

Vitamin Shoppe Becomes Latest Major Chain to Start Selling CBD

Dietary supplement retailer the Vitamin Shoppe started selling CBD soft gels this week, making it the latest major chain in the United States to begin carrying products made with the cannabinoid. But unlike competing stores such as Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, which are only selling topical products so far, the Vitamin Shoppe is carrying […]

Rite Aid to Start Selling Hemp CBD Topicals in Two States

In March, Walgreens and CVS made headlines when they began offering certain cannabidiol products in select states. On Thursday, Rite Aid joined them, announcing plans to roll out CBD products in 200 stores across Oregon and Washington. Rite Aid’s initial move into the CBD market isn’t as bold as its two competitors’. But it’s part […]