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Cannabis, The Divine Feminine: A Talk With Cannabis Sensuality Coach Carli Jo

The idea of ‘wellness’ has gone through many fads over the years. Some insist on solely ingesting organic foods, others hire personal trainers, hike religiously, go on yoga retreats or juice cleanses. This has shifted into a greater awareness on mental health. Therapy, mental health days, meditation, reiki, and the like are emerging as modalities […]

The High Priestess: Embracing Hedonism and Sex Magick for Taurus Season

Ah Taurus season. A time when we can let our inner stoners shine in all their relaxed magnificence, when we can receive with ease, and when pleasure is simply the name of the game. Taurus is represented by the bull, an animal that can be both loyal and stubborn, reflective of this sign which has […]