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The Sporting Life

Professional athletes, the healthiest people on the planet, would like weed to be a part of their training regimen. The leagues in which they play are slow to get with the program, but they’re coming around. “The older you get, the more pain and aches start to mount up.” So says a guy who ought […]

Basketball Player Dion Waiters Suspended For Weed, Refuses to Snitch On Source

NBA guard Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat has been suspended for using weed gummies after he suffered a panic attack on a flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles. And, according to sources, he’s remaining tight-lipped about the source of his stash, who is reportedly another player from the Heat. News of the story first […]

The High Times Interview: Hockey Pro And Cannabis Advocate Darren McCarty

After a successful career in the National Hockey League that included four championships with the Detroit Red Wings, Darren McCarty took on the fight of his life as he confronted his alcohol and pill addictions. He credits cannabis with saving his life, and now he’s on a mission to spread the word. It’s not often […]

Boards and Buds: The Embassy Skateboards Team Empties Its Bag of Tricks

By Justin Cannabis When you think of cannabis legends hailing from Texas, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson and maybe even Matthew McConaughey come to mind. High Times has featured these and many other marijuana advocates from the Lone Star State over the years. But there’s an underground cannabis-culture powerhouse that also flies the green flag proudly—the […]

Golfing High: Tips For Toking Up And Teeing Off

By Jason Wilson While attitudes about marijuana are shifting as more and more states recognize its myriad benefits, there are still plenty of obstacles for tokers—particularly those who wish to consume cannabis while on the golf course. While alcohol is popular and widely imbibed when golfing, cannabis has yet to be accepted by the sport. […]

Sports and Pot: Exploring the Role of Cannabis in Athletic Recovery

By Anthony Ricciuto The stigma associated with marijuana, which once cast cannabis consumers as lazy underachievers, is now a thing of the past. Cannabis has slowly gained mainstream acceptance, even in athletic arenas, and for good reason. Athletes in all sports, at all levels, are forever looking to improve their training recovery time. This is […]