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Study Finds No Link Between Adolescent Weed Use and Adult Brain Structure

Concerns surrounding marijuana use among adolescents have long been a hurdle for legalization advocates, given that the brains of children are developing at a rapid rate. But a new study suggests that cannabis may not pose much long-term risk on brain function at all. The study, to be published in next month’s issue of Drug […]

Texas School District To Start Drug-Testing Students Starting in 7th Grade

In one Texas school district, seventh graders looking to join the chess team will now need to make sure they test clean for alcohol and cannabis. Bushland Independent School District officials say that the decision to enforce mandatory drug testing for seventh to 12th graders hoping to participate in extracurriculars is not to combat a […]

New Study Finds Decreased Rates of Teen Pot Use in States With Legal Cannabis

A new study has found that the rate of cannabis use by teens has gone down in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. Results of the research were published online on Monday by JAMA Pediatrics. To conduct the study, researchers analyzed survey data on marijuana use by 1.4 million teenagers from 1993 to 2017. During […]

Teens Who Work Are More Likely to Try Marijuana, Study Says

A new study has found that teens who work are more likely to use marijuana than their non-working peers. The results of the research conducted in the state of Washington were published recently in the Journal of Adolescent Health. To conduct the study, researchers analyzed data from the Healthy Youth Study collected in 2010 and […]