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Indica and Sativa Labels Can’t Be Trusted, Study Indicates

Most indica and sativa labels on cannabis are incorrect, results from a new analysis show. Cultivars are generally sold as indica, sativa or hybrid of the two, promising energizing or calming effects, but this classification system probably amounts to nothing more than a trend that refuses to die.  A new study published October 14 in […]

Not All Terpenes Are Made Equal: Knowing the Difference

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons that help make up the smell found in the essential oils of certain plants like cannabis. Ten years ago, the word meant nothing to the average cannabis consumer. Now, it is one of the most cherished aspects of the plant. In fact, a study on terpenes showed that the smell of […]

Terpenes: How to Boost Your THC & CBD Benefits

Cannabis use has exploded and people are now much more aware of THC and its powerful benefits. CBD use has also sky-rocketed. As a non-psychoactive and more family-friendly alternative, CBD has found its way from being the niche remedy of OG stoners to becoming something that millions of people use on a daily basis to […]

Understanding Terpenes

This article was originally published in the January 2019 issue. Click here to get a subscription! Pinene This terpene, found in the oils of pine trees and a number of herbs like rosemary, is a bronchodilator, meaning it allows for larger inhalations, making it ideal for treating asthma. Pinene easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and […]

The Secret to Using Cannabis for Energy and Focus

Staying focused and energized throughout the day isn’t always easy, and sometimes you need more than another cup of coffee to get through your to-do list. But before you reach to your favorite sativa for a pick-me-up, remember that a variety of factors go into using cannabis for energy.  So, what should you look for […]

Hunting for Terpenes with True Terpenes

The phone alarm goes off at 5 AM, but True Terpenes co-founder Ben Cassiday is already awake. He couldn’t sleep last night. Cassiday just tasted his great white whale. All hunters have the one quarry they’re still hunting. Captain Ahab had Moby Dick, King Arthur had the Holy Grail, and for Cassiday it’s a candy-sweet, […]