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Former Cop Pleads Guilty to Accepting $14K in Bribes in Pot Trafficking Case

One corrupt police officer in California who pleaded guilty to accepting bribes spun a web of lies and deception worthy of a Breaking Bad episode. On September 7, Rudolph Petersen, 34, pleaded guilty to a federal bribery charge for accepting at least $14,000 in cash from a drug trafficker in exchange for escorting massive shipments […]

Oregon Marijuana Smuggler Charged in Contract Murder Plot

Federal prosecutors in Portland have charged an alleged marijuana smuggler in a plot to hire a hitman to murder a business associate. According to a criminal complaint unsealed on Monday, 68-year-old John Tobe Larson attempted to hire a hitman to kill a business associate who owed him approximately $75,000 from marijuana trafficking deals. Larson allegedly […]

Nearly Four Tons of Marijuana Discovered in Shipment of Jalapeños

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized nearly four tons of marijuana last week in a package from Mexico to the United States. Packed among the contraband? A shipment of jalapeños. The bust came Thursday, when the CBP said a 37-year-old Mexican man entered the Otay Mesa port of entry near the border between San […]

Coast Guard Busts Submarine Carrying Over $500 Million Worth of Cocaine, Weed

A video of a drug bust released Thursday by the United States Coast Guard looks like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie.  The footage shows members of the Coast Guard in pursuit of a semi-submarine—a vessel that was partially underwater, and partially exposed—that had been barreling through the eastern Pacific Ocean while carrying […]

Two Plead Guilty to Using United States Postal Service to Traffic Marijuana

Two men, one of whom is a Baltimore mail carrier, have pleaded guilty to smuggling marijuana into the city through the U.S. Postal Service. Both men face decades in federal prison as punishment for their convictions, according to a report in local media. Michael Gray pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana […]