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MMA Fighters to Act as Test Subjects for Topical CBD Treatments

Ultimate Fighting Championship athletes will be the next group of players to participate in a multiphase clinical study on CBD’s effects on pain relief in their famously high impact sport. The league has announced that it is partnering with a Canadian cannabis company to examine the effects of non-psychoactive cannabinoids on its players’ health. The […]

UFC Champ Henry Cejudo Talks Cannabis, UFC, And Legalization & Stigma In Mexico

If you’ve never seen Henry Cejudo fight, don’t worry, you are not alone. After the blitzkrieg of blows Cejudo delivered in UFC 238, even other fighters like Marlon Moraes can hardly claim that they have.  Depending on what sport you follow, Henry Cejudo has either been a household name for close to 15 years, or […]