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Florida Teacher In Danger of Losing His Job Because He Uses Medical Marijuana

The board of Marion County Public Schools in Florida has suspended a Belleview High School teacher and student services manager over his use of medical cannabis. Mike Hickman, 50, was placed on unpaid leave after the Superintendent of Schools, Heidi Maier, recommended he be fired for testing positive for cannabinoids in early November 2019. Hickman […]

Florida Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Waive Medical Marijuana Fee For Veterans

A pair of Florida lawmakers want to make medical marijuana even cheaper for veterans.  State Sen. Janet Cruz and state Rep. Adam Hattersley, both Democrats, have introduced a bill that would waive the registration fee for veterans seeking medical cannabis treatment. Patients in Florida must register for a new medical marijuana card each year, which […]

An Accidental Activist: Beating the Schindler’s List Effect

Activism is an odd obsession. I’m not really sure that anyone actually sets out to be an activist per-se…it just sort of happens one day. One minute you’re blissfully ignorant, the next you see something that for whatever reason makes you turn against the current and start swimming upstream like a breeding salmon. What first […]

Semper Fidelis: Twenty22Many Hooks Vets Up With Free Clones And A Healing-Based Community

Twenty22Many, a nonprofit suicide-prevention, PTSD-awareness and medical-cannabis organization for veterans, has a mission to give out 8,000 cannabis clones to as many US military veterans. Sadly, that figure is approximately the number of veterans who kill themselves in the United States over the course of a year. Most of these fatalities involve Vietnam War vets, […]

US Department of Veterans Affairs Makes All Healthcare Facilities Smoke-Free

The Department of Veterans Affairs ushered in a new policy this week making its healthcare facilities completely smoke-free.  Most notably, the policy, which took effect on Tuesday, eliminates designated smoking shelters that had been a fixture at many VA hospitals. Now, smoking is strictly prohibited on the grounds of all such facilities, a ban that […]

An Accidental Activist: From SNAFU to VETSGROW

SNAFU, or situation normal: all fucked up, is a phrase I’ve known all my life. I don’t know if I learned it in childhood watching innumerable World War Two movie epics or during trips down to the local legion bars in London to hear tales of bravery from D-Day vets, Battle of Britain pilots, the […]

Surviving and Thriving with Cannabis: Annie King Garat

You might say that Annie King Garat was born into the military.  “My great uncle was a Marine,” she began. “My mother is Bavarian, her grandfather served in the Austrian Army. My father was from West Virginia and had very little options other than mining. Going into the military is common in that part of […]

New Coast Guard Order Bans Active Members From Entering Cannabis Dispensaries

States with legal recreational and/or medical marijuana make up a sizable portion of the U.S. coastline. But the servicewomen and men tasked with safeguarding those coasts won’t be able to take advantage of the change in policy and public attitudes on cannabis. That’s because on July 30, the United States Coast Guard issued an order […]