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Despite Support, Recreational Marijuana Will Not Appear on Florida Ballot

Voters in Florida will have to wait at least two more years before they get the opportunity to decide whether the state should legalize pot.  Make it Legal Florida, the group that spearheaded the campaign to get the proposed amendment on the 2020 ballot, said this week that it is tabling the effort, with an […]

South Dakota Voters Will See Medical Marijuana Question on 2020 Ballot

Voters in South Dakota will have another opportunity to legalize medical marijuana in 2020.  The group spearheading the effort, New Approach South Dakota, announced Thursday that Secretary of State Steve Barnett that the petition to get the referendum on next year’s ballot had been ratified.  “There are no words that any of us could say […]

Joe Biden Thinks That Marijuana Could Be A ‘Gateway Drug’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has not been swayed by the fact every other Democratic presidential candidate front-runner has declared their support for federal marijuana legalization. On Saturday at a Las Vegas town hall, the politician said that he still didn’t feel he had “nearly enough evidence” to figure out whether marijuana was a “gateway […]

There Are 420 Days Left Until The 2020 Presidential Election

If you’re counting down the 2020 presidential election, today marks an important milestone on the campaign trail, with 420 days left until it’s time to cast your ballot. And if, like many Americans, you’re making marijuana policy reform a priority next year, as in finally making marijuana legal across the United States, you probably want […]

Cannabis Voter Project Has All the Info a Weed Voter Could Want in 2019

It’s the year 2019 and everyone in the United States is contemplating how best to save democracy. For many, and very much so in the case of voter registration group HeadCount, that is best accomplished by making sure as many US residents are signed up to vote as possible. One day, the group’s founder went […]